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hello folks, i was asked if i could make a tutorial for this colouring and why not, right?

we are going to make this:


becomes this somehow:


but first of all:

  • english isn’t my first language, i’m sorry for any grammar mistakes
  • i use photoshop cs5
  • i’m not sure if this psd works on most screencaps, i’ve tried and apparently it only fits in got white/light screencaps :c

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✗ FANDOMSPSDS #81 › download here › a base psd for teen wolf season 4, as requested; adjust levels named adjust this is a base so you need to add other layers if you want it more colorful/pale or to enhance certain colours; should work on everything as long as you adjust layers; like or reblog if you download ; do not claim as your own.

Anonymous: hi can you make a gif psd similar like this one /post/88313059694/it-is-a-strange-fate-that-we-should-suffer-so-much or this one /post/89606838569/oh-its-quite-simple-if-you-are-a-friend-you pleaseeee

we don’t reproduce colorings, sorry. (and these links don’t work)

Anonymous: yes, that gifset, i would love a base psd

I’ll try, but just because it was a gifset of mine. We don’t reproduce colorings :)

✗ FANDOMSPSDS #80 › download here › a psd made for photoshoots, especially for those pinkish pictures and pictures with a pink background works also on other picture; adjust levels named ‘adjust’;like or reblog if you download ; do not claim as your own.

Anonymous: it was your own tumblr, on the last ask

sorry the link doesn’t work for my blog either

did you mean this gifset?  I made each gif from scratch so they’re all different :/ I could make a sort of base psd, but idk :/ 

Anonymous: can you make a psd like this? /post/90665151970/a-l-p-h-a-b-e-t-a-o-m-e-g-a

you have to put the blog url, otherwise we can’t see the post :)

we don’t really reproduce colorings, but we can try and make something similiar :)

Anonymous: what psd did you use on your sidebar and dashicon?

I’m sorry, I didn’t save it! it was way too specific for that picture, so I thought there was no point in saving it :/ sorry :(

✗ FANDOMSPSDS #79 › download here › a pastel psd for penny dreadful, for both light and dark scenes as requested; adjust brightness and curves if necessary;  contains vibrance;  should work on all scenes as long as you adjust layers; contains optional layers for dark scenes  like or reblog if you download ; do not claim as your own.

✗ FANDOMSPSDS #78 › download here › a psd made specifically for images containing red for events, photoshoots, photocalls and etc. Adjust Levels or Curves accordingly to your image; like or reblog if you download ; do not claim as your own.

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